bells of victory

Go forward, to the Frontier,
while embracing your proud name.
Fly away, to the Frontier,
and awaken your dormant power.

The Vajra are an entity that make an appearance throughout the series, and as mentioned in previous sections, have a strong connection to Ranka. But why Ranka? As explained in a previous section, Ranka’s voice has an immense effect on the Vajra, due to her mother giving birth to her with a V-type infection that came from the Vajra. She has the ability to communicate with the Vajra through her singing, meaning she has the ability to “call” the Vajra and disrupt their communication network. After Ranka’s visit to Gallia-4, Grace O’Connor learns of this and decides to use Ranka’s connection with the Vajra for her own means, dubbing Ranka as “The Little Queen”.

Upon returning from Gallia-4, Elmo is forced to retire as Ranka’s manager, while Grace takes over her idol management, much to the dismay of Sheryl. Though confused, Ranka goes along with this. Much to her chagrin, Grace had long since laid in place a sinister plot with Leon Mishima to use Ranka as Frontier’s trump card, or, in all honestly, weapon, against the Vajra. The two had long since been watching over her, waiting to see if her potential as a weapon could unlock, and when it did—the two spring their plan into action.

Grace suggests using Ranka’s song Aimo as a front in the attack, by remixing it into a different melody called Aimo O.C., which changes the lyrics up quite a bit. Ranka is, of course, a little perturbed by the idea, as can be seen in her recording session. She can barely focus on recording. Before she can really get her thoughts and concerns together, however, she’s on board a plane to sing for the fleet. The operation becomes dubbed Ranka Attack.

After the operation, Ranka continues to struggle with what is happening all around her. She’s so overwhelmed by all the pressure being put on her—on how much hope is being placed on her shoulders alone. She’s afraid of singing and turning her very precious memory into a song of war, but she also doesn’t want to let anyone down. Alto especially—she of course wants to talk to him about it, and he confirms that her song is indeed very useful in the fight against the Vajra. Though he voices his concerns over Ranka’s own personal feelings, Ranka seems to be happy that her song is visibly helping the people and decides to keep going through with singing.

That doesn’t last for long, however, with the Vajra attacking Frontier once again during Ranka’s concert. Unable to keep her feelings under wraps for any longer, Ranka decides that after one last round of singing, she will not be used as a weapon against the Vajra any longer. It is after this she decides to leave Frontier in search of Ai-kun’s family, and answers to her past. Leaving Alto and Frontier behind, the people begin to doubt that she really had the ability to save them.

Despite everything, things are falling into place for both Leon Mishima and Grace O’Connor. Leon assassinates the President, while Grace finds her way to the planet of the Vajra that she has long been looking for. Upon learning the truth behind her past from Grace, it became easy for her to be manipulated by Grace due to her guilt of bringing the Vajra to her home. By manipulating Ranka, Grace is abe to use the Vajra communicative network to fight against the Frontier fleet by using the Vajra. Thus, enabling her to become the new “Queen”.