okay so why ranka?

Ranka Lee is easily on one of my all-time favourite fictional characters, next to Sheryl Nome of course. Though she starts off as a bit of shy blob, her determination and evolution throughout the series really inspired me, as I have already touched on.

When I was first introduced to Macross Frontier, Ranka was the character that really caught my eye. Mainly because I have a Thing™ for characters with green hair. The series itself was my first step into the world of mecha—I had heard of many different series of it, including Gundam, but I was never interested or invested enough to finish a series that damn long. I was told about Macross Frontier from an old friend and decided to give it a try. It was on its second season and was still airing when I first decided to watch it.

I grew to love Ranka almost immediately. She was cute, she was shy; I saw myself in her almost immediately. A lot of her trials gave me hope in my own personal life. She gave me the courage to fight for what I wanted, no matter how far or how out of reach it was.

Not only that, her design is just very appealing to me. Ranka gets all the cutesy “moe” designs that I really like, and her music matches with that type. Though Ranka doesn’t have an over the top moe, which I’m thankful for, she’s cute enough to really relate to on a more personal level and one day, I’d really like to see myself grow the same way as she does. Her music always makes me feel better no matter how bad of a day I’ve had, and that really inspires me to one day have that effect on other people too. I want to be someone other people can rely on to cheer them up when times are tough. I may not want to be a super star idol, but I hope to have the same influence on people as Ranka has been to me, and as she is to the people throughout the series.

More than anything, as silly as this might sound, Ranka and her determination has helped me get through some of my worst days, as I’ve mentioned before. Knowing there’s a character out there that has overcome what she has gives me the strength to tough it through some of my worst days. Macross Frontier is an anime I will watch over and over again when I’m feeling really crummy, in an attempt to power through whatever bad thing is happening.

Overall, Ranka is a character I both relate to and look up to at the same time, and I hope this shrine has really conveyed how much she means to me.