beautiful! excuse me!

Baby, what do you want to do? I'm driving.
My hands are on the handle bars and I'm standing by.
(Do you) want my heart & want my love?
NO!? Forget that, let's swing and KISS!

Dreams are our aspirations; our goals; our aims. Common dreams might be to own a house or travel to faraway places, or to become famous or to work doing what you love. Ranka's dream is to sing. Perhaps it can be categorized into the desire to be famous, or perhaps it can delve into the desire of working doing what you love. But it is this dream that drives Ranka. It is this dream that drives the show, and without it, the show would have gone a completely different direction.

The Desire to Sing

Plain and simply, Ranka simply loves to sing. She is especially drawn to and inspired by Sheryl Nome--her idol. As such, her singing style and genre of music is heavily influenced by Sheryl. Meeting Sheryl herself was a huge inspiration to her. A huge inspiration and lifting of her spirits, that she can do whatever it is she sets her mind to should she work hard and bolster her skills. Which is exactly what she does. She participates in the Miss Macross contest, and even though she doesn't come in first place, she makes a name for herself. When pressured to sing in front of a crowd of strangers by Mikael, Ranka shocks him by singing happily and (eventually) drawing a huge crowd.

She is passionate about what she wants, and she will do whatever it takes to accomplish her desires.

The Desire to Love

A huge part of Macross Frontier focuses on the love triangle between Sheryl, Ranka, and Alto. (And while I wish this triangle was a contest for Ranka's heart, it is one for Alto's.) Sheryl and Ranka both compete for Alto's time and affections, and while Ranka is at first very complacent to let Sheryl whisk Alto away with her, she eventually decides that she will no longer let that happen, and tries her best to win his affections and time just as much.

This happens during a movie shoot in which Alto plays a backup role for one of the characters. Ranka was to be the other replacement, but backs down upon learning that she will have to kiss Alto in the scene. Embarrassed, she turns it down, but upon seeing Sheryl kiss him, she pips up. She won't go away without a fight. She too, will kiss him. She too, will do everything in her power to fight for his time, affection, and love.

Though the two were just replacements during one scene, the story itself makes a lot of sense regarding their situation. Ranka's character has a crush on Alto's but, there is speculation that he loves her sister. Dismayed, she kisses him to prove her affection for him.

This was the start of Ranka's determination to win Alto's love.