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Carry me! Bring me on a date through the falling stars. 
Here is a rare challenge, let's ignite our ecstasy! 
Fly higher! Your chest smells sweet. 
Leave it all to me, 
I'll make you feel better, trust me. 
Sagittarius 9pm. Don't be late.

Sheryl Nome, the famous Galactic singer, the "Galatic Fairy", arrives on the Macross Frontier fleet for the last leg of her 18 month long concert tour. Ranka Lee, a long time fan and waitress of the Chinese restaurant, Nyan-Nyan, spins around excitedly as her brother tells her over the phone that he has a ticket for her to the upcoming show.

In another part of the fleet, Alto Saotome, enrolled in Mioshi Academy, practices his flying skills and complains the sky is too low, while his classmates Luca and Mikhail make fun of his pretty boy looks.

Specimen: Ranka Lee

Ranka Lee is a an upbeat and happy-go-lucky girl who aspires to follow in her idol--Sheryl Nome's--footsteps, to be an idol singer. She is very lively, friendly, and upbeat, but sometimes struggles to do what she wishes due to her very overprotective brother, Ozma Lee. Despite his protective personality, however, the two are very close, and he even gets Ranka a ticket to Sheryl Nome's debut Macross Frontier concert and allows her to go by herself.

This, however, turns out to be a bad idea.

The Story

On her way to the concert, Ranka gets lost and ends up in a forest where Alto, Mikail, and Luca are training. She runs into some sprinklers, and Alto Saotome. She confuses him for a girl at first because of his feminine appearance, but eventually follows him to where the concert is, since he and his friends will be performing at the concert. They get there safely, and the concert begins, but terrible things are happening outside of the fleet.

The fleet has encountered an unknown enemy, and has no idea how to combat it.

The concert is soon cancelled, as the SMS--a private branch of military that are employed by the Colonial Fleet--and NUNS--the main warfare branch of the military, are both called in the handle an emergency. Ozma Lee, Ranka's brother, as well as Mikail and Luca, are all members of the SMS. (Ranka doesn't know about this job of her brother's, by the way.)

Meanwhile, the sky is full of horror. Citizens see the bug-like race of Vajra descending from the sky, and terror ensues.

Sheryl escapes, but the citizens of Frontier are left to their own devices. Ranka can only watch in terror as these creatures destroy all the military vehicles and flyers in front of her, and helplessly watches as a VF-25 flyer is killed gruesomely in front of both her and Alto.

Seeing no other way to help, Alto boards the VF-25 and does everything in his power to save both Ranka and himself. He succeeds, but is later scolded by Ozma Lee, and eventually scripts himself into service with SMS.

During this time, a bit after the incident has resolved and peace has returned to the city, Ranka is frantically looking for the "beautiful pilot" that saved her. She asks her brother to try and find him, as she believes he is a pilot of the SMS. Sheryl is also frantically looking for this boy, as she has a few choice words about his performance during the concert. Eventually, the three find themselves together while another Vajra attack begins.

In short, Ranka realizes she has met her idol, a duel for the love of a clueless man has begun, and the fight against the Vajra truly begins.