your sunshine glows

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Brighter—a long-waited text-based tribute to Ranka Lee, from Macross Frontier! Anyone who knows me well enough knows that this anime takes its place in my top favourites. Ranka is one of my favourite characters—next only to Sheryl of course—thus, this tribute has been long coming. While not as popular as previous Macross instalments, Frontier boosts an amazing cast of characters that I have loved and cherished for a long time. Ranka is special—not only for her role in the series, but because her journey serves as an inspiration to me—years even after its debut.

Because of the state I was in during the writing process, this shrine does have a lot more of a personal feel to it than my others do. There's less lists of information and more writing coming from a deeper level. Each section has been divided into parts that tend to ramble and lengthily explain parts of Ranka's story that I have related to. As such, I recommend reading this site in order, otherwise, you might get a teeny bit confused.

Navigation is at the top—you can learn about the Macross Frontier anime, as well as a little bit about Ranka herself, before delving into the big sections. If you would like information on the site itself, that is also kickin' around.

All that said, please enjoy your stay!

regarding: the layout

This layout was so much fun to make!! Despite having not delved into Photoshop and coding for months, I quickly picked my hobby back up and made a stellar piece. The artwork used is official, which I edited, cropped, and spammed with textures. As usual. The colours are really bright and vibrant, which is exactly what I was going for. This is one of my favourite images of Ranka, and it looks so nice with more saturation and brightness. Lyrics on the header come from Paramore's Brighter, which is where the site derives its name.

Texture credits go to Anne Pearl, awmp, and Dearest! The pattern used in the background is from Cocorini. Everything else was done by me, using Photoshop and Notepad++. It is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox, in at least a 800x600px resolution.